Who Are We

At Bankstown Flying School we specialise in providing ‘one-on-one’, general aviation, flight training from ab initio to Commercial Pilot Licence and more advanced fixed wing concepts including, Night VFR, Design Feature, Multi-Engine and IFR.

Each member of our Team was head hunted by our HOO, they were selected because they demonstrated great skill and professionalism in their approach to the provision of training, and most of all, they enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience to their Students.

At Bankstown Flying School we are here to help your dreams take flight.


  • Nigel Clark CFI, Flight Examiner, CSIP
  • John Warner
  • Peter Zhang
  • Craig Drabsch
  • Luke Tevaga
  • Sam Barnett
  • Sam Warriner
  • Tania McGregor (Admin)

Nige Clark

Director, CFI/HOO, Flight Examiner, CSIP

  • Flying cirrus since 2011. Over 2100 hrs on Cirrus Aircraft
    Conducts  initial transitions, flight Reviews  and recency on SR20, SR22, SR22TN, SR22T with Garmin and Avidyne avionics
  • In excess of 7000 hrs flight time
  • Multi engine IFR Grade 1 Flight instructor since 2012
  • Instructor Instructor (Instructs instructors to be instructors)
  • Flight Examiner since 2012;
    RPL ,PPL,CPL,MEA,IFR,,initials and IPC’s
  • Instructor testing;
    Initial,Proficieny Checks,upgrades,advanced Instructor Training endorsements
  • Has experience with overseas conversion of all Private and Commercial licences

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