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Learn with the Experts, the NSW Cirrus Training Centre!

Bankstown Flying School was formed back in April 2016 and it is proud to be the exclusive flight training facility for Cirrus Aircraft within the entire state of NSW. We are centrally located in Bankstown Airport,.

Nigel Clark, is the flying school owner and CEO, he is also a Flight Instructor, Flight Examiner, Cirrus Aircraft Platinum CSIP and has more than 10,000 hours of flight experience. He has been providing flight training since 2001.

Nigel heads a team of experienced, dedicated instructors providing RPL, PPL, CPL and advanced training concepts including NVFR, IFR, MECIR, Flight Instructor Rating. Bankstown Flying School has two in-house flight examiners.

We are proud to be part of the Cirrus Aircraft Global network of Training Centres. with Cirrus Aircraft being the worlds most succesful technologically advanced, single engine general aviation aircraft in the world

Bankstown Flying School has 2 Cirrus Specialised Instructor Pilots (CSIP) and 2 Training Centre Instructors (TCI) as well as a Cirrus SR20 and Cirrus SR22 to get you transitioned to the Cirrus Life!

The learning begins here, from the very first flight (Day 1) until you obtain your licence, then fly around Australia. Maybe a career to fly everywhere in the world.

Our Promise

As representatives and partners of the Cirrus Flight Training Brand, we provide the highest standards in flight training

Flying requires dedication and some study to mantain a good safe standard, but above all, it is great fun and we look forward to seeing the smile on your face as we zoom through the sky.

We are proud of our excellence in Flight Training and this is further supported by us being selected to be the only NSW Cirrus Training academy.

We are very big on safety and culture and all of our staff and instructors have been selected to uphold the highest standard in flight training
Transparent pricing and realistic course cost estimates
We are proud to be the exclusive NSW Cirrus Training Centre and whilst others do offer Cirrus courses, we are the only factory certified Cirrus Flying school in NSW.
We understand you are busy and need flexibility, we promise to work with you.


Here’s what our happy pilots had to say about our school:

I completed both my CPL and CIR through Bankstown Flying (BFS). In my experience, I found BFS to be less like a school and more like a close-knit flying club……Read more HERE

A.B - SR22 Cirrus Aircraft Pilot

After an almost 4 decade long love affair with aviation, I finally made the full commitment to become a pilot and it was the best thing……Read more HERE

M.N - SR22 Cirrus Aircraft Pilot

Came to BFS for a Cirrus SR22 conversion, heard great things about the school, Nigel was excellent……..Read more HERE

K.S - Airline Pilot

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