Instructor Rating Courses

Bankstown Flying School is proud to announce that we are now offering one on one, Grade III Initial Flight Instructor Rating Courses.

The price includes the PMI course, Spinning endorsement and the Flight Instructor Rating GIII Initial flight exam and test.

In addition to the Grade III Initial Flight Instructor Rating, Bankstown Flying School now offers the following Training Endorsements:

* Design Feature Training Endorsement
* Night VFR Training Endorsement
* Instrument Rating Training Endorsement
* Multi-engine Training Endorsement
* Instructor Rating Instructor Training Endorsement

For more information, contact our office 02 9707 3822.

Dream to own your own
Cirrus Aircraft

Let Bankstown Flying School, as part of the Global Cirrus Aircraft support network, introduce you to the many possibilities of Cirrus Aircraft ownership from the SR20, SR22 and SR22T.

Perhaps you have a Pilot licence and would rather complete Cirrus Transition training in one of our Cirrus SR20 aircraft, so you can private hire the aircraft to take the family away, or get to that meeting in Central NSW or Victoria... many do!

The safety, technology, power and convenience of the Cirrus Aircraft can not be denied, come and find out for your self.

2021 Cirrus SR20 G6
(with Perspective+)

VH-PDX, 2021 SR20 G6 Cirrus Aircraft has finally arrived and is proving popular for Students and private hire's alike. If you have already completed your Cirrus Transition with Perspective training, a couple of hours training in Perspective+ and a check flight will have you G6 ready.
Have a chat with our in house Cirrus Instructors for more information.

Start Learning to Fly Today, Give us a call (02) 9707 3822


Here’s what our students had to say about our Flight Training:

I completed both my CPL and CIR through Bankstown Flying (BFS). In my experience, I found BFS to be less like a school and more like a close-knit flying club……Read more HERE

A.B - SR22 Cirrus Aircraft Pilot

After an almost 4 decade long love affair with aviation, I finally made the full commitment to become a pilot and it was the best thing……Read more HERE

M.N - SR22 Cirrus Aircraft Pilot

Came to BFS for a Cirrus SR22 conversion, heard great things about the school, Nigel was excellent……..Read more HERE

K.S - Airline Pilot

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