Instructor Rating Courses

Bankstown Flying School is the only certified Cirrus Training Centre in NSW and we are well recognised for excellence in flight training. We are now proud to offer Initial Instructor Rating Courses.

The Initial Flight Instructor Rating courses will be held at our Bankstown training facility. The course will be run by senior instructors and CASA certified Flight Examiners. Throughout the course we will be teaching you the basic principles that have gone back generations, as well as advanced and modern systems that are second nature to us being the Cirrus Training Centre.
Also we can incorporate a Cirrus SR-20 or SR 22 conversion during the course for an extra fee. To be eligible for the Instructor Rating Course, you must hold a PPL or CPL or ATPL. For details on the course, such as price and start dates, please Contact Us.

Dream to Own?
Vision Jet or SR-20/22

Bankstown Flying School is proud to show off a new SF50 Vision Jet in our hanger. We also have new SR 20 and 22 aircraft on display. Part ownership is often available for all aircraft types, please ask us how

Ever dream of owning your own jet or SR20/22 but don't feel that you would use it enough. Well a part share may be the perfect solution for you as you can still get lots of access, but share in all the other fixed costs such as maintanence, hanger costs etc. We can train you on the SR20 and SR22, however the SF50 Vision Jet is currently only available for a rating in the USA at Cirrus. Ask us how you can become a part owner in one of these fantasic aircraft and we can put you in touch with our Partners at Cirrus.

*NEW* Coming Soon
Cirrus SR20 (2021 model G6)

We are please to announce that BFS has purchased a new 2021 model Cirrus SR-20 G6. It is current enroute over the pacific ocean and we plan on taking delivery in a few weeks time in July.

Start Learning to Fly Today, Give us a call (02) 9707 3822


Here’s what our students had to say about our Flight Training:

I completed both my CPL and CIR through Bankstown Flying (BFS). In my experience, I found BFS to be less like a school and more like a close-knit flying club……Read more HERE

A.B - SR22 Cirrus Aircraft Pilot

After an almost 4 decade long love affair with aviation, I finally made the full commitment to become a pilot and it was the best thing……Read more HERE

M.N - SR22 Cirrus Aircraft Pilot

Came to BFS for a Cirrus SR22 conversion, heard great things about the school, Nigel was excellent……..Read more HERE

K.S - Airline Pilot

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