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Why not try a short Trial Instruction Flight (TIF), with you at the controls?


This will take you from your first lesson through to obtaining your Recreational Pilot License (RPL).


This license will enable you to travel almost anywhere in Australia and incorporates cross-country navigational training into what you have already learned.


The Commercial Pilot License is designed to consolidate what you’ve learnt during the PPL cross country phase but to a higher level.

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8 steps to getting your pilot's license

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Take The Written Test

Receive Private Pilot’s License

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First light on a Monday morning and we are up in the skies for a weeks worth of flying. Nothing beats this office view!

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CAC P-51D Mustang A68-199 Fly Illawarra Flying School VH-BOZ 1967 Grandfather flying when he was Chief Test pilot at Fly Illawarra at Bankstown these I [...]

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